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Workplace nutrition and wellbeing programmes incorporate health education, body composition testing and mini-consultations, weight and stress management, exercise and healthy eating promotion.

I can provide measurable benefits for your employees’ physical and mental health through talks, seminars and monthly plans. This is an area we are developing as we know that a poor diet can affect productivity by as much as 66% and 75% of adults are not achieving their ‘Five a Day’.

My team and I work with employers who want to change that and reap the benefits of a happy healthy workforce by making nutrition at work a vital part of their wellbeing strategy. When applied well, using evidence based nutrition food and nutrition will make a measurable differences to both physical and mental health.

Nourish Inside Out
Nourish Inside Out

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      I’m Marjorie, a fully qualified Nutritional Therapy practitioner registered with Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and British Association of nutrition and lifestyle medicine (BANT). My passion is to help women in their mid years live a healthier life, filled with energy, reducing painful and embarrassing symptoms both prior and post menopause.


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