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Menopause has many names; midlife crisis, change of life, climacteric, menopausal syndrome, time of life. Menopause is also a confusing term as it refers to the specific time when menstruation ceases, medically 12 consecutive months of no menstruation, so not an exact science. In general we use menopause to refer to the transition years both leading up to the menopause called peri-menopause and post-menopausal, particularly when experiencing symptoms.

I am passionate that women understand the menopause and can prepare for it. Many women gain weight, whilst also suffering from low mood leading to a lack of confidence, not a happy place. I was certainly in denial not wanting to be and appear ‘OLD’  which is the connotation in a world that appears to worship youth! Also there is distinct lack of knowledge about the menopause, our mum’s didn’t talk about it it was a taboo subject.

Until recently ( last 10 years) menopause has not been talked about much. Thankfully it’s more widely discussed in the media, with celebrities and journalists and bloggers being transparent about experiences. Meg Matthews,  Ulrika Johnson, Angelina Jolie especially after her hysterectomy and  Gwyneth Paltrow

HRT is an option generally for those under 50 and may medics believe it had cardio and bone protective qualities as diminished oestrogen can increase inflammation. Additionally women are living longer in post menopausal years so need to be able to function in a job, relationship and life. I am very happy to work alongside HRT.

Using functional medicine we can address inflammation differently helping bone and cardio health whilst addressing  hormone imbalances that may cause the symptoms. Many of the discomforts experienced in menopause can be an expression of imbalances that already exist, often we have put up with them for years, they can become the new ‘normal’. Also many women plod on, that’s what we do right grin and bear it, putting others first? We often suffer unnecessarily, jeopardising our health and ultimately our ability to care for our loved ones when we become more debilitated.

Menopause can be energetic, beautiful, and vibrant, we can celebrate the natural stages of our lives, including menopause. Often this is a process of rediscovery and focus on new values including health and well being. I can help you on this journey with the tools and support for a smooth transition. I have helped women deal with weight gain, fatigue, digestive issues, improve joint and bone health, alleviate hot flushes, night sweats. I can balance hormones that may result in heavy painful or irregular periods, weight gain and low mood and libido.

Aside from debilitating symptoms menopause can make us more susceptible to certain diseases e.g. heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and weight gain. On the plus side this presents opportunities to take preventive action and midlife can be a positive beginning of a new phase of a rewarding life.

Your Second Spring

Western culture looks at Menopause as a disease, rather than a natural point in a woman’s life when she is no longer fertile, and menstrual periods have ceased.  Eastern cultures generally view and experience the menopause more favourably, calling it The Second Spring! This may partly be due to a lack of openness on these matters and differences in diet and lifestyle, however, these cultures also value the aging population and their wisdom. They are looked up to valued and honoured. It is the end of fertility however it’s also the start of a beautiful new phase in your life. Is Your second spring on the way? I can help you enjoy it.

Menopause can be energetic, beautiful, and vibrant when we can celebrate the natural stages of our lives, including menopause. Often this is a process of rediscovery and focus on new values including health and wellbeing. I can help you on this journey with the tools and support for a smooth transition.

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      I’m Marjorie, a fully qualified Nutritional Therapy practitioner registered with Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and British Association of nutrition and lifestyle medicine (BANT). My passion is to help women in their mid years live a healthier life, filled with energy, reducing painful and embarrassing symptoms both prior and post menopause.


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