The saying “what’s measured, gets managed” is true. The right tests provide very powerful information and why I believe in testing and not guessing! Once you have the facts you can explore your options more effectively. My passion is to empower you to achieve peak health and wellness in menopause. Personalised testing can support this and are widely recognised as reliable. They go further than what a GP can offer under the NHS and work with our whole-body approach. The results are very helpful in painting your health picture and is especially true where testing menopausal hormones is concerned.

Menopause Hormone Testing

So what are your hormones doing? It’s a good question especially when you’re experiencing debillatating symptoms associated with the menopause. I can support you without testing as there is so much that can be done to rebalance hormones initially. However, if weight is hanging around, your hot and bothered and losing sleep you may want a more specific plan then testing can really help. Some of us just like to see it on paper, it helps us take action.

Where are you now?

What get’s measured, gets managed. Doctors don’t often test for menopause because the NICE guidelines recommend being guided by symptoms and age group. I agree as the test they use isn’t highly accurate due to fluctuating hormone. But what if your experience is difficult and more extreme, you know something is not right but can’t work it out?

Hormonal ‘functional testing ‘help find out what your sex hormones are up to. Its not just simply the levels, but proportions and metabolites. This can indicate what process your hormones are going through and if it’s effective. Knowledge is power once you have the right results you can explore your options more effectively.

How it works

During your initial consultation I will assess what tests might be relevant for you and discuss this with you. The results will be reviewed through a follow up session.

I will advise you on the most effective tests for you that give the most valuable information in relation to cost. The cost of the test will be advised which includes additional time for interpretation. In many ways this cost is balanced by the time we save by being more specific in our approach. You leave with a nutrition action plan that tailors food and lifestyle changes accordingly.

I’m experienced in functional testing and can help you choose the right test and interpret the results. Because of my work around nutrition and hormones, I often use the DUTCH test. A comprehensive hormone test that gives many hormone and neurotransmitter markers.

Tests available include:


A comprehensive assessment of sex and adrenal (stress) hormones. How sex hormones are working and if they are being effectively removed from the body. Provides a snapshot of the balance of oestrogen and progesterone and can include stress and sleep markers.


Test shows the function of the relevant thyroid hormones including antibodies for Hashimoto’s. Indications include low energy, unexplained weight gain or loss, changes in mood, dry skin, or muscle aches, digestive problems. You may be suffering from an imbalance of your thyroid hormones.


Your microbiome is an organ unto itself, it plays a crucial role in human health and disease. Understanding the patterns of your own internal microbial ecosystem can give clarity on how your microbes are impacting your health. A comprehensive stool test that can help to assess the microbial ecosystem, to see what patterns are emerging, and provide key lifestyle and nutrition changes, that can best support your well-being.


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Or book your initial consultation with follow up £220

The cost of the test is extra and will be advised athe intial session.

Testing prices range for £60 to £600 some general advice can be provided on inquiry.

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