Midlife Health Review

Are you a busy woman over 40 who’s fed up being tired and worried all the time? Are you wondering how to get your midlife health and energy back? Are your health goals just a dream? Find out how to make them a reality, on this complimentary teams meeting designed to focus on you. It’s an opportunity to meet each other and ascertain the right path forward for you with a midlife nutrition programme. You can be revitalised and feel like yourself again.

What to expect

The purpose of this complimentary 30-minute review is to discuss your health concerns, health goals and lifestyle. It is designed to help you decide on one of my  menopause nutrition programmes. It is unpressured and often helps bring clarity for your next steps. I’ll also explain how I can help support your midlife health journey and if appropriate I’ll recommend a suitable programme.

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How to prepare

Once booked you will be asked to complete a short form at least 48 hours beforehand so I understand your main concerns. It also allows you think more about what you want to achieve. I will assess areas and body systems that need attention using my holistic approach and explain my process. Bear in mind I can’t offer specific advice without a full health history, but I can offer you a simple tip to help you move forward. You will also be coached around your health goals to get clarity on your next steps.

Why work with me ?

I’ve been there in that place of struggle unaware and unprepared for what was going on at menopause and midlife.  I completely understand how powerless you feel. The difference is I tailor nutrition and lifestyle advice to work for you so that you can feel better in easy steps. I am committed and passionate about supporting women, they deserve to find the future they need and want. You just need to know-how to navigate midlife  successfully. My holistic approach gets to the route of your symptoms, to nourish and heal from the inside and out. 

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      I’m Marjorie, a fully qualified Nutritional Therapy practitioner r(CNHC)  m(BANT). My passion is to help women find their midlife spark and feel like themselves again

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