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Workplace health and wellbeing talks incorporate a variety of nutrition and lifestyle topics. They cover menopause, weightloss,  stress management, exercise and healthy eating promotion. I can also include workshops and mini-consultations. Putting a programme in place can provide measurable benefits for your employees’ physical and mental health through regular talks, seminars and monthly plans.


Nutrition is a key as we know that a poor diet can affect productivity by as much as 66% and 75% of adults are not achieving their ‘Five a Day’. Making nutrition at work a vital part of your wellbeing strategy can make a real difference. It is crucial to educate employees about a healthy eating lifestyle to maintain health.  This supports less absenteeism. Talks and workshops can cover

  • Menopause
  • Mental health
  • Weightloss
  • Stress Management
  • Sleep
  • Eating for energy

My functional holistic approach uses evidence based research combined with practical resources and support.I work with employers who want to be different putting their employees first. It is an approach that pays off with a happy healthy workforce.

Nourish Inside Out
Nourish Inside Out

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      Nourish Inside Out.

      I’m Marjorie, a fully qualified Nutritional Therapy practitioner r(CNHC)  m(BANT). My passion is to help women find their midlife spark and feel like themselves again

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