Discussing Skincare Consultation

Advanced skincare and treatments ideally include a through consultation. The idea of it may put you off, baring all, discussing your problem skin, costly options and possibly feeling pressured! It shouldn’t be like that if carried out professionally.

What happens at a skin consultation?

  1. A consultation should always be carried out in order to assess your skin, your health and suitability to any  products and or treatment recommendations. If not how can the correct recommendations be made for you?
  2. A trained professional will ask the right questions and in a way that reveals what your concerns are. They will instinctively know the right questions to ask you and explain to you exactly what’s going on with your skin. Often they can put a name or at least give reasons for your concerns and share their solutions.
  3. A skin health professional will listen to your concerns over and above their need to sell you a product! Once recognised, they should be able to explain how and why your skin is the way it is and why the ingredients in any product recommended are going to work for you.
  4. Your questions should be welcomed and answered in a way that makes sense. If they know their stuff they should have anticipated your worries and may have already addressed them, they will earn your trust.
  5. The key active ingredients in a product do matter. Explain the key active ingredients in a way that you understand. You’ll walk away knowing why ingredients will help to diminish your skincare issue.
  6. The facts should be laid bare and all options provided to you. At this point, how much you want to spend should be a secondary consideration. Of course, how much you spend is important, but getting the right advice and knowing what is available to you and the best approach to take over the coming weeks and months to get the results you are hoping for should come first.

The Cost

You’ve had the skin consultation, it’s time to make a plan. Even if you have plenty of disposable cash to spend on your skin, go slowly, allow your skin time to rejuvenate itself before intensive products or treatments.  Allow time for your skin to become stronger and your confidence in your skincare professional will grow. They shouldn’t bombard you with products but create a plan for your skin, not a quick fix, this is for long-term results. In some cases more in depth nutritional approach may be preferable.

What’s your end goal ?

A thorough skin analysis and a treatment plan gives you options and informs you of what else is available.  If this didn’t happen then you may not be getting the best advice. Is it a quick fix, is there a clear plan? Otherwise, it will likely be a waste of money.


Your skincare professional should be reviewing your skin and how you are feeling about your results with every return visit. You may get to a point of happiness or you are happy enough with your results that you can hold off until further down the track. I offer in-depth skin consultations with my treatments. The first step is good skincare, good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices, the better condition your skin prior to other treatments the better your results will be. Please don’t be surprised to discuss dietary and lifestyle factors. This means they take a holistic approach and likely care about your skin as much as you do.

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