How I changed my life and career and followed my passion in my 50’s

Health and well being has fascinated me even from my teens. Being a contemporary dancer I was always watching for the latest ‘diet’. As a Spa Manager I taught aerobics and fitness classes in my spare time. My passion for nutrition was heightened by my own ill health in my 30’s when diagnosed with auto immune inflammatory bowel disease, that’s another story. This one is life changing and proves anyone can make changes at any age!

Beauty management career

I always enjoyed my career in the beauty industry, it’s wonderful you learn about the latest ‘beauty trends’ and meet so many interesting and lovely people. Not many jobs let you spend your day talking about all sorts and putting the world to rights! What’s more I loved health and nutrition however the industry was moving away from that; Health Farms were now Spa’s, chocolate and champagne replaced the detox and weight loss! Something was missing, I felt superficial, I wanted to bring deeper changes and support women through them.
I developed my role incorporating health and wellbeing, I specialised in remedial skin treatments resolving skin conditions. Later in 2010 I studied and specialised in sports massage treatments, laterally developing my own deep tissue massage techniques.

Desire for nutrition

By my 40’s I knew really wanted to study nutritional therapy at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and gain a recognised qualification. My children were going to university and costs and time delayed this for many years. Meanwhile I took on a range of nutrition and wellness products, I enjoyed doing talks and workshops and learning more about health and nutrition. This reinforced my desire to study nutrition as I enjoyed communicating my knowledge to help others.

Take the Plunge
I took the plunge in 2016 now in my 50’s, I came into some money and my desire for change was realised! I knew it would be hard work especially as I ran my business full time in a hotel offering massage and beauty services. I wasn’t wrong, going back to learning was a huge challenge and I had to find about 20 hours a week to study and travel to London every month. At the start it was exciting and fun but soon the pressure of study and deadlines became stressful. I was working lots of hours feeling less than 100% yet having to learn and run my business. The course is recognised as ‘rigorous’ however fellow students were a great support as we navigated the curriculum together, making lifelong friends.

By the second year the intensity had stepped up, I took on a member of staff, I hoped she would build the business with me, unfortunately we weren’t on the same page. I was disappointed and felt let down. The hotel wasn’t interested in expanding the spa or moving into wellness, I felt demoralised and unsupported.

A light bulb moment

This really made me reconsider my long- term goals of nutritional therapy and health and wellbeing. It all came to ahead that summer when physically and mentally exhausted, also suffering menopausal symptoms I knew something had to give! I had been neglecting my own health and wellbeing and knew I needed a drastic change in order to finish the course and maintain my health.
I left and it was ‘a change’ for the better. Why do we strive so long at things that just aren’t meant to be? What a relief, despite the lack of income. I began working from home focusing on the skin treatments and massage and studying. I have since gained some amazing new clients, who want these deeper changes. In July 2019 I passed with distinction and celebrated my graduation last September with my husband and both my children!

The final part of the story is the birth of Nourish Inside Out a nutritional therapy business offering bespoke nutrition and skin treatment for menopausal women. I couldn’t be more happy and proud of the amazing journey that took me where I am today!