Women and Coronavirus

It appears women have the upper hand ! There are lower death rates among women despite greater or equal infection rates in some populations. John Hopkins Public health see this pattern with other viral respiratory infections. ‘The immune system of females is more exuberant!’ Dr Janine Clayton said, However it comes at a high price as more women suffer auto immune diseases. I know this is true from my studies.

Scientists aren’t sure why women’s immunity is more robust. One possibility is survival advantages for offspring who share antibodies in mothers milk. Oestrogen also plays a role and even post menopausal women appear to have this protection from COVID. In fact oestrogen has many positive health advantages like cardio vascular and bone protection. We still make oestrogen post menopausally although these advantages do decrease but can be supported through diet and lifestyle.

Lifestyle still plays a big role and many deaths in China may have been due to the high male smoking population. Other factors like type 2 diabetes and heart disease will also put people at risk male or female.
Generally women are more proactive about healthcare and health prevention than men, apparently even down to washing hands!

However there are other reasons why men and women are impacted by the effects of the coronavirus differently.

  • Women make up the majority of health and social care workers, and are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.
  • Mass school closures have particularly affected women because they still bear much of the responsibility for childcare.
  • Women already do three-times as much unpaid care work than men – and caring for relatives with the virus adds to the burden.

So it is important to implement measures to guard your physical and mental health.  There is a lot of general free advice available  some may not apply or work for you. Individualised nutrition is not a one size fits all approach but gets to the root cause of symptoms. I can help you on this journey with personalised nutrition and lifestyle techniques for protecting and balancing your health. For more information request a Discovery Call 

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