Optimum health is very much at the top of the agenda for us right now with the spread of the Corona virus. There is a huge array of information out there. However it is important to know fact from fiction with nutrition to ensure you and your family can keep yourself healthy at this time.
Over the next weeks I will highlight specific nutrients and factors that support natural anti-viral immunity. This will include lifestyle factors which are equally important: relaxation, quality sleep and exercise. Of course good hand washing and general hygiene are key at present!

I also use a scientific evidence-based approach so not adding to misinformation about COVID19!  Bear in mind you can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition because we are all unique. We have individual metabolism, genetics and lifestyle which is why ideally nutritional therapy is tailored to the individual.

We are all aware that a wholefood diet that excludes refined, processed foods and sugar is more advantageous. A varied and vegetable rich diet also feeds gut bacteria which play a vital role in regulating the immune response.
With many using more local delivery services this may mean we eat more traceable, better quality foods with a healthy carbon footprint. Our village is combining orders for delivery on same day. Many good things are coming out of this crisis!

More targeted nutritional support is one of the ways to strengthen mucosal immunity to help prevent or address any viral infection. This refers to the mucus membranes in gut, nose and lungs. The mucosal cells in these areas are constantly in touch with the outside environment and it is critical in protecting us from pathogens therefore it contains 75% of all lymphocytes ( immune system cells that protect us) as opposed to systemic immune system like lymph nodes and spleen. So can help you boost your immunity.

Women and Coronavirus

It appears women have the upper hand ! There are lower death rates among women despite greater or equal infection rates in some populations.  John Hopkins Public health see this pattern with other viral respiratory infections. ‘The immune system of females is more exuberant!’  Dr Janine Clayton said, However it comes at a high price as more women suffer auto immune diseases.

Scientists aren’t sure why women’s immunity is more robust. One possibility is  survival advantages for offspring who share antibodies in mothers milk. Oestrogen also plays a role and even post menopausal women appear to have this protection. Lifestyle still plays a big role and many deaths in China may have been due to the high male smoking population. Other factors like type 2 diabetes and heart disease will also put people at risk male or female. Generally women are more proactive about healthcare than men, apparently even down to washing hands!

We can see how statistics are often not representative. We can all be proactive in our own health especially during this crisis it has never been more important  to look after ourselves and our families. I will be highlighting nutrients and factors that impact immunity over the next few weeks.

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